Tom Clancy's The Division
Actual DPS Calculator

Learn how DPS works in The Division

Step One

Enter your stats below.

Step Two

What do you think is your LIKELY headshot chance when using this weapon?

Why do we ask this?

The Division has a funny way of calculating your headshot chance by taking your 'Accuracy' stat and using that as your headshot chance. Since this doesn't make much sense, we let you input it here to better reflect your weapon, playstyle and personal thumb-skill.


Actual Accuracy DPS

This is the DPS that should appear in-game on your character sheet.

Actual Likely HS DPS

Here, we've used the headshot chance you've provided to re-calculate. Everything else is the same

Burst DPS

Here we've used the headshot chance you've provided us, and we've also removed the impact of reload speed. This is how much DPS you can put out during a single magazine.